Art Derived Directly From Nature

"My mission is to reveal the beauty, story, and complexity of nature that is already there while creating a way for others to enjoy nature daily in their homes in a simple but stunning and timeless way. Like a thumbprint, no two trees are ever the same and due to variations in the process no two prints are ever just alike. True 'one-of-a-kind' art"

~ Ashley Brightwell

A TREE's annual rings

Trees have stories similar to our own. The imprint left behind on these pieces are traces of the past. Markings of both bounty and struggle are revealed in a tangible way representing the seasons of TIME that we as humans rarely have the chance to observe and understand. 

Brightwell Natureworks


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Brightwell NatureworksBrightwell Natureworks


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"A unique relationship and understanding of each species is formed through the making process; from the resurrection of a discarded tree, the aromas and textures, to the final print and display, stories are revealed and lessons are learned. "

- Ashley Brightwell

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