White Butterfly Cedar Tree Pressing 18x24

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Species: Eastern Red Cedar

Latitude & Longitude: 31.9087 - 94.6624

Press Date:  Summer 2020

Dimensions: 18 w x 24 h inches

Materials: Strathmore 400 series 100 lb Archival paper and Speedball Black Ink

Style: Black ink on white paper

Limited Edition- 50 hand prints made 

Description -This particular Eastern Red Cedar tree was approximately 40 ft tall, fell in Deep East Texas in 2019 near Nacogdoches(the oldest city in Texas).

 This tree was a seedling in 1970, during the Vietnam War, the first official Earth Day, and the year the World Trade Center-North Tower construction was finished making it the tallest building in the world.

 Each tree ring print is prepared and printed by hand in a small limited edition based on the number of growth rings/years, in this case approx 50. The wood is prepared by first sanding, torching, dampening and repeating until the growth rings are raised enough to print. Tree growth rings are made of springwood and summerwood, hence the name. Springwood is softer than the summerwood, therefore when heated the differences in density creates ridges which are printable. Fun fact, the size gaps between the rings are also a direct correlation of how much rain was present that year.

I print each piece directly from the wood slab by hand, as you will sometimes see manual hand press marks on the back of the paper and some embossing.

Note: Each print is original and unique because of the subtle differences that hand printing creates.

Each print is signed by artist Ashley Brightwell, numbered, titled and include latitude/longitude coordinates of the tree’s origin.